Safety wear

I was staggered last week to see so many more cyclists on the roads of the city and Westminster

and all of them travelling one heck of a fast during th rush hour. My own leisurely response to that is to get off, push, and use the pedestrian crossings along with the other pedestrians, not entirely popular due to the dimensions of the bike and its sharpish pedals, but i do have that distinct right to treat my bike as pushable baggage.

I don't have safety gear other than a felt hat, but one commuter was indeed properly attired. LEd light at front, flashing red light at back as well, Yellow jacketing, and sturdy helmet. Without those it is unwise to cycle through commuter traffic in the centre of London.

It is not that he would be physically saved by it , but he would certainly command the respect of those motorists critical of cyclists, who would recognise the value of being SEEN!

My own attitude to danger on the road is, if necessary, to SHOUT and SCREAM, and wave your arm LIKE HELL, if it might attract the attention of somebody who may otherwise be a threat to you.

The old motorist hand signals which became redundant about thirty years ago, are of much less value now than they were then, but the forward pointing hand signal, to say that you are going full ahead, should be a cyclist's highway code requirement. It is very useful indeed. Up in the air and forward pointing so that other road users know exactly which way you are going. Not right not left but up in the air, and forwards.

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