Sat navs for bikes?

  • By radii8 on at 4:48pm 21 June 2014
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Hi, does anyone know if there is a basic sat nav equivalent for bikes (like Tom Tom for cars)? Google Maps is great but runs the battery on my iPhone flat, and for various reasons I don't really like having my iphone strapped to my handlebars (it's my life, and inviting theft) Just want a mapping device that basically does what google maps does, that I can affix to my handlebars to get me from A to B in London without getting lost, on cycle routes. Ideally, id like to avoid this:


Look at the garmin website

  • By Gaz46 at 3:54pm 13 August 2014


I was looking at the same thing a while back.

I ended up buying a Garmin Etrex 20 and mounting it on the handlebars. In order to get a route onto the Garmin, I had to go to Cyclestreets website and type in a start and finish address. The site calculates a cycle friendly route and you then create a gpx file which you then transfer onto your Garmin as Track. You then set off and follow a purple line on the screen. It works quite well- but you need to do the prep beforehand.

If you want your GPS Garmin to behave more like a Tom Tom so you put in an address or a postcode and set off immediately, you can purchase an SD card from Garmin with preloaded maps on. (Called Garmin City Navigator NT- about £25).

This will give you turn by turn directions to an address and beep prior to a turn.  I have used mine once using the preloaded SD card- it worked great, however it did take me along some pretty busy roads. Using this method means if you get lost anywhere you can get home (providing your batteries are charged) 

Preloading a GPX route using Cyclestreets gave me a more cycle friendly route with a bit more preparation.



  • By Lowlife at 8:42am 14 August 2014


Battery usage will always be high if the screen is on most of the time. I've used both Google Navigation and Cycle Streets Live Ride with some success, but what I do is to check out the proposed route to see whether it's sensible and to get a rough idea of the overall picture, then I put the phone in my pannier and it talks to me through a cheap bluetooth headset. This seems to be quite power-efficient.



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