Schwalbe Competition in June/July 2012 issue

I tried to log onto the webpage today to enter this very exciting competition!

As you all know, if you are not in it, you can't win it. But, at the moment, I won't stand any chance winning these gorgeous set of tyres, because I'm not in it.

And all because it says "Error 404: Not Found; Sorry, we couldn't find what you're looking for!"

So, my question is how can I enter to win this super dooper puncture resistant prize? Oh, and the answer to the question is 10,000 (but don't tell everyone!)



  • By Imkah at 10:06am 10 June 2012

When you get the answer, let me know too would you? :) I was wondering the same thing!

Apologies, you can find the competition page here - good luck

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