Sensor detects bikes, keeps lights on green

  • By idavid on at 6:40am 4 August 2011
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Pleasanton, an upmarket town near San Francisco (pop 70,000) has installed several "Intersector" devices that detect oncoming bikes and keep the lights on green for longer to let them pass, or can switch lights from red to green. The end of red light jumping as we know it? Apart from the "bikes matter" message, do they make cycling safer? Could they work in London? More here including a video...



I think in this country they're called AGD's - Above Ground Detectors. I'm wondering why it took so long for the Americans to pick up on this?

Have you never waved at one of these to get the lights to change to green? In Kingston they're pretty common. e.g. Here 

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  • By mike_c at 12:40am 6 August 2011

Bike sensors sound like a great idea...

The 'green wave' is a fairly established system in cycle-friendly places such as Rotterdam and Odense, where traffic lights are adjusted to allow a cyclist travelling at a typical speed to ride through a set of traffic lights along an entire route without slowing down or stopping.

I always think of this as I wait at endless lights going up Bishopsgate.

The Dutch have also introduced rows of lights by the side of the road that light up to indicate the optimum speed to catch all the lights.

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