Seymour Place: remove the dangerous Cycle Hire Scheme Bay

Since last summer, a lot of money allocated for cycling has gone into creating, taking down and rebuilding three times over a cycle bay on Seymour Place, South of Marylebone. This bay represents a dangerous hazard for cyclists. Can LCC campaign to have it removed?

Seymour Place is a road marked as a cycle route south of Marylebone. However in the morning, it is very busy, not only with cyclists, but also with commuters and lorries entering the zone. Last summer, a cycle bay appeared at the start of the road, occupying about 40% of the width of the lane, forcing cyclists to drive in the middle of the lane and car drivers to readjust their trajectory. Sure enough, within two weeks of being installed, the two metal arches marking the bay had been driven into by vehicles. Indeed, the cycle bay only becomes visible after you cross Marylebone and it is literally in front of you. Instead of being removed, the bay has now been reinforced and the arches mounted on two deeply rooted raised islands, making it even more dangerous. Cyclists are going to be crushed into it.


So, the danger comes from the bike rack itself, and not the drivers that can't operate their vehicles to a reasonable standard?! If anything should be removed it should be the CAUSE of the damage, not the things that get damaged by others' incompetence.


There are LOADS of things that "force cyclists into the middle of the lane" (Primary position - as recommended by DfT and TFL when the road narrows) and "car drivers to readjust their trajectory" (otherwise known as steering!) - like corners for example. Should LCC campaign to have them removed so car drivers can continue to not look where they're going?

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