shared cycle -pedestrian paths across London Commons and Parks

After some 8 years of campaigning, Wandsworth council finally agreed to a cycle path across Tooting Common. There are now segregated marked shared cycle/pedestrian paths across Tooting and Wandsworth Common. After many months of non or poor maintenance of the Tooting Common shared path it is now planning to modify the path type from segregated to non-segregated paths. These are busy paths with high usage according to our recent local Wandsworth Cycling Campaign survey. Please can others share what their London Borough does regarding Common or Park paths? Segregated or non-segregated? My reading of the literature on this is that if it is not a busy path then segregated less necessary but if high usage then it is better to have segregated. Do put your Borough's approach to this up on this forum please. Thanks Bob BTW Lambeth council has separated paths across Clapham Common. Excellent.


Personally I don;t think sgregated paths are that worthwhile as pedestrians tend to treat cycle paths as walkways, and dogs can't read anyway. This is evident along the South Thames Path and round Buckingham Palace.

Around NE London there's a mixture of both

There is a mixture in north-west London too.

Fairly regularly I cycle across Hyde Park and Green Park.

Hyde Park has a mixture of shared and segregated paths. I have a slight preference for segregated here - the segregation is generally respected except at start/end of path, which I guess is fairly understandble as pedestrians haven't, at these points, got used to it being a segregated path. The shared paths are not too bad here either; one of them is very wide, and another is narrower but less frequented - there is sometimes a slight block, but this is relatively rare.

In Green Park, however, the segregated path is poorly respected. It runs parallel to Constitution Hill, and it is a high-use path, particularly with tourists visiting Buckingham Palace. I find there is widespread lack of recognition by pedestrians of the segregation, and frequently little or no response to ringing my bicycle bell - navigation is thus frequently difficult. I've given up using this path and now take Constitution Hill itself, as it's not too busy when I take it; it's wide and thus I feel much safer than on the parallel cycle path.

For me it's a case of "horses for courses" (or cycles for cyclepaths!).

  • By bob at 10:17am 14 November 2012

Thank you for your contributions- I wonder what other London borough cyclists experiences are? Do let us all know. I am getting a sense that wider paths work better for non-segregated paths. Worse combination high usage, narrow path, segregated or nonsegrgated.


Best combination?- mix and match Also best combination for the planet and our future, - high usage by pedestrians and cyclists alike-then wide path and segregated or better, separate lanes for cyclists anyway across commons anyway-like parts of Clapham Common. Again well done LB Lambeth

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