Shepherds Bush Green

Having talked about this with a few colleagues who travel through Shepherds Bush Green daily we came to the conculsion that we can't think of a worse piece of road design. (Can you?!)

At every corner there is traffic coming from a confusing array of directions being fed into the path of each other. A good example is the junction in the South West corner between the South side of the green, Shepherds Bush Road and Goldhawk road.

Traffic from Goldhawk Road & the green is fed into the path of each other; buses want to move from the far right to the far left and traffic needs to decide which of the three directions it wants to travel in 200m without any real signage or indication of what is happening. There only a handful of signs, which are easily obscured by buses, equally road markings are obscured by the weight of traffic.

The layout is also confusing wth a varying number of lanes available. Going from 4 lanes to 3.5 lanes with a bus stop outside the W20 shopping centre.

To their credit some consideration has been given to cyclists and it is possiblle to cycle on the shared space on the green itself however if you are travelling West from central London you will need to beat and cross 4 lanes (then 3.5) of traffic and hit the only ramp which is the width of a normal pedestrian crossing. You'll also need to mind the set of traffic lights if you make it and no-one is waiting there!

To add to it there are some bewlidering cycling lanes such as the one in the North West corner of the green where there is a green cycling lane which ends with a kerb rather than a ramp. The ramp part is very steep and I do see people struggling with this sometime.

When traffic is heavy it is relatively easy to outwalk ambulances on emergency calls; today I saw one having to drive across the pedestrian crossing just to get past the traffic (very well driven but shouldn't have had to).

Long and ranty I know, anyone else agree?

Also, apologies for calling it design :) I don't want to offend any designers.

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Should be reposted in "Borough chat"

This has been a traffic blackspot since forever. At least on a bike you can generally get through at rush hour. Try that in a car. 

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