Silly risks

Hi All,

Just a reminder specially if you are in Richmond Park (can be apply to anywhere)

I live near Richmond Park and my family and I use the park for walking, driving through and cycling, I commute to work on bike, so it is sad for me to have to say this about cyclists. 

Recently, I notice more and more cyclists taking silly risks with disregards to other users, not only do they cycle two to three out the road holding traffics back (bear in mind these road are narrow and with no markings) which has annoy some drivers, however, yesterday it was beyond common sense when cyclists are squeezing themselves between cars going two opposite ways, then when I thought it can't get worst, as I was waiting behind another car in the process of turning right into a car park, these cyclists over took me with no sign of slowing down and went straight into the car, then shouting like they have the rights to the park.

We cyclists so far, have the image of save respectable road users, but these action says otherwise, so please if you are cycling or know who do, remind them that they share the park and common sense and regards for others do apply.

I hate to see policing on cyclists.

Be safe.


I don't doubt that some people on bikes are taking silly risks on Richmond Park Roads. I don't  agree with you about the so-called 'problem' of 'holding traffic back' by cycling side-by-side. The speed limit, (remember it's a maximum), is 20 mph. The cyclists cycling side-by-side I observe are going faster than me so I estimate that they are cycling at or near the maximum speed limit. Drivers shouldn't be overtaking people cycling at these speeds.

There are also drivers doing plenty of wrong things - speeding, overtaking dangerously close, driving agressively, turning without indicating, pulling onto roundabouts without giving way, stopping to take photos  etc etc etc.    People need to be be more courteous and considerate all round.




  • By Mallory at 8:47pm 18 April 2013

Yes there are silly and selfish cyclists in Ricmond Park but i too agree with Jon's comment about "holding drivers up". TBH thats a good things as too many drivers use the park as a rat run. If it's too dangerous to overtake then they should wait until they exit the park if they want to drive at a faster speed.

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