Silvertown Tunnel campaign needs your support

As you may be aware, the No to Silvertown Tunnel campaign has been going for a while now. It has featured much in the local media, and to date staged two citizen science experiments looking at air quality in Greenwich and Lewisham boroughs. We will shortly have the results of the second nitrogen dioxide pollution study, and this will hopefully tie in with the public debate around the forthcoming local elections. 
Note that the European Commission has today launched legal proceedings against the UK over widespread breaches of the 2008 air pollution directive…
Expenses incurred by the No to Silvertown Tunnel campaign have so far been met by the founder members out of their own pockets, but this situation cannot continue. For one thing, the air quality experiments are expensive, with each diffusion tube and associated data analysis costing us £7, and hundreds of tubes involved in each experiment. 
At the recent general meeting at which the No to Silvertown Tunnel campaign constitution was drawn up and ratified, we decided against imposing a membership fee, and so must look elsewhere for funding. To that end we have identified like-minded groups and individuals, and are asking them for support, financial or otherwise.
London Cycling Campaign activists are part of a wide campaign against motor traffic congestion in London, and have declared themselves in favour of multi-modal river crossings that prioritise pedestrians and cyclists. Given that the proposed Silvertown Tunnel will be for motor traffic only, as with the existing Blackwall Tunnel, the No to Silvertown Tunnel is appealing to LCC and its affiliated borough cycling groups for financial as well as moral support.


Francis Sedgemore

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