'Spooked' driver says there are too many cyclists

In Kingston on Monday the town centre was chaos following a collision outside Kingston Railway station that appears to have involved a car, a pedal cycle, a bus and pedestrians. It is reported that the car driver involved says he was shouted at by a cyclist who it seems he was in collision with. Consequently the driver panicked and crashed his car - it appears he travelled the wrong way along the one-way system, mounting a brick wall and hitting a number of pedestrians.

Unfortunately he seems to think the blame lies not even just with the particular person on a bike, but that there is a general issue with cyclists. He's quoted saying "Of course I regret. But it is not just my fault. He started shouting and caused my panic. I was panicked and lost control of the car."

"I think people cycling, they need to pay due attention. There are too many bicycle people on the road. "

"They do not really watch the other people. Sometimes they just come quickly."





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  • By Hassan at 10:44pm 10 July 2013

Is this for real? They really printed this? How about:

'Spooked' cyclist says there are too many motorists.

I was cycling down Brixton Road in bumper to bumper rush hour traffic. A car cut in in front of me narrowly missing my front wheel and causing me to slam on my brakes while I saw myself going under the bus on my left. He cut in front of the bus too, I'm not sure he even saw me. All so he could sit 2 metres further forward in the traffic jam.

"I think people driving, they need to pay due attention. There are too many car people on the road. "

"They do not really watch the other people. Sometimes they just come quickly."

I read somewhere that the cyclist shouted because he had been hit by the driver.


One report at the Comet states "Three people have been injured after a driver lost control and ploughed into a cyclist and two pedestrians outside Kingston station."

The same report also says "A police spokesman said: "At this early stage it is believed a car, a grey BMW 3-series, was in collision with a pedestrian in Fife Road, Kingston. The car then drove off from the scene, turning the wrong way into Clarence Street before colliding with a number of pedestrians. The car then collided with a double decker bus.  "  > Maybe this first incident was with the cyclist? Seems like he was determined not to stop at the scene of the first collision.

Also "Eyewitness Billy Cole, 19, said the driver of the car came out of Fife Road and drove the wrong way towards the one way system."

Also "A driver whose car mowed down pedestrians and smashed into a bus during Kingston’s rush hour said he panicked after colliding with a cyclist who shouted at him. "

One person who has commented on the story has said that the cyclist involved was female, though the news report says "Last night it was thought the cyclist was hurt but police did not list him this afternoon as one of three people injured" , but that may be the journalist assuming that the cyclist was male.


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I know the area - was part of my commute - and the reason the idiot driver hit a cyclist will be because he turned the wrong way out of Fife Road and straight across a very busy two way segregated cycle lane, before ploughing through the pedestrian crossing and aiming to go the wrong way down the one way contraflow bus lane by the Rotunda (the one that lets the buses from the bus station turn right and come across that corner).  Only a 111 bus was exiting said lane, so he panicked, accelerated, and ended up parking his car on the wall that borders the pedestrian island.

If he was not trying to turn the wrong direction, he would have been nowhere near any cyclists.

He either needs a serious Specsavers trip and/or his driving licence revoked before he kills someone.

  • By Ruth at 6:42pm 16 January 2014

...this January he got a piddling six month disqualification and a pointless £300 fine. You'll have to hope that Shibob Li won't be driving anywhere near you this summer.

Unbelievable! It's as if there's a different set of rules for when you're behind the wheel of a vehicle. Normal reality is suspended for the duration. 


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