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Hi I am doing a project for Uni and I have been Looking for some statistics in cycling, I found some  info for previous years but I am strugglin to find just how much cycling have increase sinde 2009 in the UK.

If anyone can help me it will be nice :), I have tried the National Statistics website but no much luck,  so any other sources that tell me that percentage, and that I dont have to pay for a report :S ..


Thanks you!


Statistics on cycle use in in the UK are not particularly reliable. For London, Transport for London is the best source, as they've been monitoring increases at certain points in the city year on year for over a decade now.

However, be sceptical of anyone who claims to know exactly how many journeys there are per day, what proportion of journeys are by bike, or exactly how much cycling is increasing.

All we can do at present is make an educated guess...

This website should help you:

If you are doing a project at university, I am surprised you don't write your request more precisely.



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The two data stores will have some official stats on the numbers you are looking for: and

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