Stolen Bike

I don't know if I'm bringing this up in the right place but I've had my bike stolen. It isn't exactly worth much to any potential thief but it's the closest thing I have to a girlfriend. It was stolen from outside Fopp on Earlham Street near the junction of Charing Cross Road and Shaftesbury Avenue. It was chained to the railing on the island in the road and was stolen sometime between 12.30 and 3pm on Sunday 22 September, 2013. It's my only means of transport and I've put in a lot of attention to keep it running smoothly. In short, I kinda loved it. If anyone sees it running around please get in contact with me. I will richly award anyone who helps me, primarily in the form of beers. 


  • By Hassan at 2:46am 23 September 2013

Was it tagged and have you reported it to the police? Check ebay and the like too. Even with the Security number it may be bad news, you may need to brace yourself. I'm guessing without a description you don't really expect us to look out for it.

It feels awful, I've been there. You'll live to love again

  • By SimonS at 10:53am 24 September 2013
It might be worth adding a description and maybe post a pic online like Flickr, Twitter and/or Facebook, and then paste the link here. Slim chances of this helping TBH, but it might just work - us LCC members do tend to cycle around a lot and we would be more than happy to help reunite you!

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