Stopping on red routes.

Are cyclists legally allowed to stop on red routes?

I guess not - anyone ever had a ticket for doing so?


anyone stoppng on a red route is obstructing traffic and can be towed away. A bike is very easy to tow away.

Because motor traffic is not allowed to stop it is hazardous for a bike to stop. Aim for a place where you can get your bike and body onto the pavement as quickly as possible.

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The red routes are not univerally no-stop. They have hours of operation, in which the rules apply. Outside of those hours, the rules don't apply, and therefore people can stop. The only reason I know this is because I was frustrated with the amount of parking on Aldgate to Bow red route, and looked up the rules on the TfL website. Still, even within the hours of operation, people simply ignore them.

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