Storage for bikes in small spaces


Hi there,


I have just moved flat and need to store 2 adult bikes outside. I'm looking for a small and secure outside storage shed that I can squeeze in a narrow front garden between the hedge and wall. I've been surprised to see so few available and those that are are massive - any ideas or suggestions welcome.


I've seen all the great gadgets for indoor storage (e.g. hooks, racks etc) but secure outdoor options seem limited.


Thanks in anticipation - Liam





The solution is in the detail.

What dimensions are available to you?

Overhanging cills?  Obsructions? Hedge trimmer!

A measured plan and a measured vertical section (or slice), and photographs might help a design possibility emerge.

If applicable, do you have neighbours/flat owners cooperation.

A neighbour here has made a light timber frame,  hinged top and end, and clad it with polycarbonate. It takes his recumbent and various others.

Have you seen these?

To be found in a couple of places:

£400 seems the going rate.

Or you could go for a lateral approach if you're buying a bike - there's folding bikes as the obvious option, but how about folding handlebars?

This bike has folding handlebars a standard:

A review of the metal bike store appeared in London Cyclist, and one can be demonstrated here KT3 6JE.

  • By mike_c at 8:11pm 25 July 2011

I guess one reason people have become so innovative with storing bikes inside is the perceived lower risk of their being stolen. 

I'm pretty sure I once saw some CTC figures that show that, nationally, as many bikes are stolen from property (usually sheds and outhouses) are there are on the streets.

True, that might not be the case in London, where street bike theft is likely to be much higher than the rest of the UK.

The number of unreported bike thefts in London (as many as 4 our of 5) makes it hard to be very accurate about the figures.

I guess what I'm saying is that I'd exhaust all possibilities inside before I went outside...

  • By LMC at 8:21pm 25 August 2011

A belated thanks for the info and the advice.


  • By stevew at 8:03am 17 September 2011

Two Bromptons ?




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  • By AsharSeo at 10:27am 16 February 2015

I would much rather put up with the raised areas by the bus stops than not be able to ride in contr-flow for sure!

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