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I'm pushing my block of flats in West London to install cycle storage. The freeholders, management company and residents committee are all on board.


I just can't find a good installer. Cyclehoop are too expensive, All Park Ltd proved cheaper but useless at visiting.


Does anyone have any recommendations? We just need some rubbish shifted out and some sheffield stands installed...



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Hi Jim,


Worth checking with your council if they've got any funds which could go towards the installation. They may be able to match your budget which could help, also they may have contacts with installers already.




Havering have a programme of installing cycle parks on council estates. Try contacting them

Trevor of Hackney Cyclists might be able to help.  I will point him at your post.

Wouldn't underestimate the security issues.  The space needs to be secure even if bike owners are going to lock bikes to sheffield racks.



Hi JimF (and thanks to John Ackers)

The problem with engaging companies to provide cycle parking is that, not surprisingly, they tend only to recommend and install products which they themselves supply. That's not to say that they won't do a good job, but you almost certainly won't have the fullest picture of what's possible.

You don't necessarily need a specialist installer, in fact. Given the right instructions and supervision, the installation work can often be done by any competent handyperson. Your management company no doubt employs people to do general maintenance and installation work. Worth asking them if they would do the work, if provided with a layout diagram.

Sheffield stands are an excellent and economical solution, in the right circumstances. And they are available to buy cheaply from loads of different suppliers (Broxap is a good one).

Check out the last two pages of this PDF...
...for some useful diagrams showing recommended spacing, which is VERY important.

But I would need more details to comment sensibly on the details of what you are planning -- things like dimensions, whether or not the location you have in mind is covered and locked, and what material the ground/floor is made of.

Feel free to give me a ring on 020 7729 2273 or email to run through your plans.


Trevor Parsons
London Cycling Campaign in Hackney

  • By jimf at 11:28am 20 March 2012

Trevor - thanks very much for this - I'll be in touch direct.

John - thanks for putting us in touch.

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