Stricter liability for the UK

In the most recent issue of London Cyclist we discuss (not for the first time) the advantages of stricter liability for vulnerable road users.

Stricter liability is a call for a road users' insurance to cover the costs of damages when a more vulnerable road user is hurt (almost always this damage is caused by a motor vehicle). The law allows for reductions in damages when the victim acted recklessly.

Here are some links to articles relevant to the debate:

Stricter liability for Us campaign group

Article in London Cyclist by RoadPeace's Amy Aeron-Thomas

Transport minister says law change too contentious

CTC support for stricter liabliity

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Daily Mail article attacking stricter liability

Have you any experiences yourself, or via friends or relatives, of those who might benefit from the law-change?

Have you seen the rule change misrepresented in the British media? Or a good article about it?

Or perhaps you think the law at it stands is enough to protect pedestrians and cyclists...

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