Suggested Route Gidea Park to Old Street Anybody ?


I'm thinking about cycling to work and can't think of a decent route from Gidea Park (RM112BD) to Old Street (N16AH) that doesnt involve some horrible main roads.

Any suggestions of a route or half route (I'd imagine it will involve the A118 or Green lane through Goodmayes at the Hornchurch End and Old Ford Road / Victoria Park through Shoreditch at the London End ?

A nice way through Stratford and Ilford is the part I'm really struggling with (between Wennington Gardens at the London End and Winston Way in Ilford)

Any ideas? Anybody do this reguarly? Looks about 14.5 miles

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Are you looking to keep it as short as possible or just want a more scenic route?


I've done the journey around 8 times now (takes an hour and 20 minutes for 15 miles). Currently using an old Trek 850 with decent mechs etc so more practice or a tricross/hybrid/road bike would hopefully increase my average speed from 11mph)

I have been going quiet roads to Hackney Road, Bishops Way, Old Ford Road, over the pedestrian/cycle bridge to Wick Lane, then using the Greenway to the Veiw over the olympic park, Marshgate Lane, then A11, A118 Romford Road,  A1083 Green Lane,  Mayfield Road/Freshwater Road to Crow Lane and Romford ringroad/Brentwood Road home.

Most of it isnt too bad apart from the parts around Ilford Town centre / Stratford Station and Forest Gate.

The way into work is a reverse of this and leaving at 6:45 means the traffic isnt too bad. If I leave work at 4:30 then it makes the way home a lot easier as well.

It would be nice to cut out some of the busier sections for quieter roads but parts like the A406 junction leave little choice.

Being a motorcyclist traffic doesnt worry me and journey time is probably most important but I do like que quieter roads and cant help thinking they are quicker because of the lack of traffic lights etc even if further so if anyone has any suggestions on cutting out even some of the busier/dual carriageway bits please let me know :)

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