Summary of Campaigning in Richmond

Nick, our Campaign's Coordinator has had a busy few months - catch up on what's been going on across the borough


Includes the great quote from Richmond Council, when asked why they continued to refuse to consult Richmond Cycling Campaign on road schemes (which would probably save them money on expensive rework), that "we don’t consult the AA"


I have said to Merton's Cabinet member for Highways that Merton Cycling Campaign wish to see highway decision-making informed by miles pedaled in Merton.

We now have a planner taking Bikeability 3 and a lead cycling engineer who rides from Isleworth to Merton Civic Centre - at least in the summer.

I  can't say that these 3 comments are related...

  • By paul at 8:14pm 3 March 2012

Had I been less taken aback a good response should have been "but Richmond Cycle Strategy is to achieve a 200% increase in cycling by 2016 , you are not aiming for a 200% increase in driving".

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