Summer WCC meetings

Our July meeting is in the Bricklayer's Arms in Waterman Street, Putney at 7pm on Tuesday 12th July. Please join us!


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  • By Irena at 7:27pm 6 July 2011

I'll be there. But I might put my bike on the train to get there. And we can discuss whether this website is working the way we want it, to encourage people to join our discussions, and maybe come to meetings.


  • By Bryony at 5:04pm 4 August 2011

We had lots of new faces at The Bricklayer's Arms in Putney last month.

This month we are going to the Nightingale in Clapham.
The address is 97, Nightingale Lane, London, SW12 8NX . Tuesday 9th August, 7pm onwards

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