Swiss Cottage Light Phasing

Not many junctions put me off. Hyde Park and Marble Arch i find okayish but one that really annoys me and makes me feel very vunarable is Swiss Cottage.


If you are travelling Southbond down either the A41 or B511 the lights are phased to be green at the same time so both fast flowing roads merge togerther making turning right towards Finchley Road and even sometimes going straight ahead quite a hazzard.


The worst IMO is traveling nothbound up Ave Road and trying to get around to the Finchley Road to continue northbound. Its bad enough having the traffic merging from the right of which most wants to turn left across you. If you survive that ordeal you then have to merge with the fast moving traffic coming up the finchley road and attempt to cross the lanes to get over to the left hand side. 


Doea anyone else have an issue with this junction and if so can the LCC maybe take this up?


  • By ma499 at 6:49pm 4 October 2011

Yes, the junction is hideous. I cycle through it daily. 

The future of the junction is up for debate as part of the CS11 (Cycle Superhighway 11 alogn the A41). Please do get in touch with the Camden Cycling Campaign.

I have not noticed this as I go the other way through Eton Grove and the market to then go through the cycle lights and Northwards up Finchley Road.

Has anyone else noticed that the market traders are encrouching and blocking the cycle route through the market more and more?

Any one know where there is a plan of where the stalls should be?

It looks as if the wholse of swiss cottage needs a look?

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