Tell Boris to Fix the CS2

I am a defence solicitor who works in Whitechapel.

I have been commuter cycling almost the whole of the CS2  route virtually every day for 25 years. I also drive the route on call-outs during the night and used to be a lorry driver long ago. I see things from all sides.

This route suffers badly from useless design and, worse, non-enforcement. 

Who are the bright sparks who think that loads of ugly blue paint and a gaggle of competing road signs and lights create a safe cycle route? The whole route of CS2 should be segregated from motor traffic. The temporary alternative from Bow to aldgate is to reduce the traffic speed limit for all vehicles or, as a start-  for lorries. The positioning of traffic lights beyond stop lines at junctions is mad- every day I remonstrate with cars, lorries and motocyclists that think the ASL is valid creep room for them. I even have to tell off police drivers so no wonder the ASLs are rarely enforced. Every traffic light- including pedestrian crossings need an ASL which is twice to three times the standard length now being used to give motorists in coaches and large vehicles plenty of vision and safe areas at the lights for cyclists very well ahead of waiting traffic.

Why are there no enforcement cameras at every ASL- and most especially at Bow Roundabout where the confusing new deep ASLs are still routinely ignored. At Burdett road ASL I was abused again today simply for pointing to the ASL to a vehicle driver who wanted to mow me down turning left. You can put a camera on traffic lights to collect fines, but not to save cyclists. If Boris is serious every single CS would have traffic light cameras at every single ASL. Design that in, Boris. But we cyclists must also behave. I have seen too many  going straight across the junction at Burdett Road against the actual flow of traffic - never mind early start.

As for Bow Road, Mile End Road and Whitechapel Road there needs to be significant reduction and resiting of parking bays and planning work should start immediately on a segregated cycle lane for which there is plenty of space.

The new segregated lane from Stratford to Bow is an improvement but you wonder sometimes whether the designers ever get on their bikes and cycle the routes they plan. The route off the flyover to join the cycleway going east   is a positively dangerous manoevre.  It is also a matter of time before a cyclist collides with the traffic light pole obstructing the path on the eastern lane or head on with the kerbstones at one of the non-lit bus bypasses during the dark winter months.


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