Tell Boris what you think

Tell Boris what you think is a Survey Monkey site set up to both promote Boris Johnson's bid for a second term in office and to find out what the public want from him.

I have answered the questions with very much the embryonic LCC "Go Dutch" campaign in mind, and made it clear that I am a floating voter, i.e. will vote for the candidate that promises to deliver what I want.

Please take the time to complete the survey, and if Ken and the others have made similar arrangements, post up the links so we can all join in.







I have completed the said form, however I very much wonder just how effective it shall be, it appears to be a bit of pre-election marketing for his campaign (just read the questions, most are attacks or absurd claims e.g. reduced congestion charge for 'family' cars) and his questiosn appear to be directed towards certain answers which will serve merely to support his claims or be disregarded as ad-homeim.

At risk of being defeatist, perhaps it is a good idea if a number of people do respond to it, if we are lucky we might just get listened to and not instantly disregarded as Labour/anti-Tory bigots. However, I think the LCC, open questions, MPs, and open internet debate will be a better approach, that way it is harder to bury the growing evidence of discontent, and who knows perhaps we might get some lip-service that might stick when Boris is inevitably reelected on the basis of his clownish persona.

Boris, do something about road safety for cyclists in London. If the HSE ran the roads the way they do construction sites, they would all have been shut down years ago. 16 dead cyclists now this year and hundreds more seriously injured, never mind the lesser accidents and daily abuse and threats from all sides. It's not on. If you don't then I suggest we all get our paint pots out to try out our own line painting skills.

I filled in the survey but was disappointed that there were not many questions on cycling 

It is not even an option in the transport section!

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