TfL A312 Church Road (Northolt, Ealing) consultation

Transport for London (TfL) is consulting on proposals for the A312 Church Road between Target Roundabout and White Hart Roundabout. The consultation closes on 20 June 2012.

This road is a dual carriageway with one bus lane and one general lane in each direction. There is a service road along the soutern part of the west side of the road. There are cycle and pedestrian subways at the roundabouts either end of this road, but the cycle ramp at the White Hart roundabout to the west side of the A312 takes quite a detour. I think most of the footways along the road are shared use for cyclists. There are 3 staggered pelican or toucan crossings with guard rails.

The plans involve:

  • 30mph signs and flashing 'SLOW DOWN' signs
  • Removal of railings from parts of the central reservation and replacement by trees
  • Offside traffic lanes to become narrower to accommodate trees
  • Heavy goods vehicles to be allowed to use bus lanes
  • Additional trees on footway

Local groups and LCC should look at these plans and consider a response.


  • By mahler at 11:08am 17 June 2012

To remove the railings on the central reservatioin would be disastrous, and put lives at risk.    Trees are not neecessary.

All that is needed on Church Road is large 30mph sings and a couple of speed cameras.

The extensive plans that you have made are totally unnecessary and a complete waste of money.

Please listen to the residents.

Ruth Goldsborough



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