TfL - conflict of interest?

In many places an increase in cycling would also see a reduction of private car use. In London the switch of mode is much more likely to be from public transport to cycling. TfL are in charge of public transport. They are also in charge of cycle superhighways, and the London Grid implementation.

As TfL benefits from a high number of public transport users is there a conflict of interest that is preventing better cycling infrastructure from being built?


Mmm, good point, if we all cycle - no fare money for them! While we'll be told "be nice, don't bite the hand that feeds". Also, if TfL lure drivers onto public transport, they wouldn't get congestion charge. So it'd be lose - lose, for them.

I doubt that very much. Michèle Dix, TFL's Managing Directory of Planning has stated on several occations that their goal is 2 million cycling journeys per day. Also that their long term policy is to reduce the traffic volume by slowly reducing parking facilities.

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