TfL consultation on A24 Epsom Road / London Road in Merton

This proposal applies to the  A24 Epsom Road / London Road between the junctions with Rutland Drive and Morden Court. TfL propose the following changes:

  • Replacing advisory cycle lanes with wider mandatory cycle lanes where there is sufficient road width on London Road to create more space for cyclists.
  • Replacing single red lines with double red lines alongside the mandatory cycle lanes where required on London Road. This would reduce the need for cyclists to overtake parked cars.
  • Shared footway along parts of Epsom Road and London Road for 'less confident cyclists' to use.
  • Removing unnecessary street furniture
  • Planting new trees

Consultation is open until 9 November, and works are due to start on 19 November.

The plans involve some parking restrictions, wider cycle lanes and some sections of shared footway. However it is not a Dutch-style upgrade, which would involve segregated continuous cycle paths that would encourage many people to use them. The road is partly dual carriageway and partly single carriageway (i.e. traffic in one lane in each direction and parking in the other lane), and there is a wide central reservation, so there is space for segregated cycle paths if some sections of the spare lane are removed. If a Dutch-style upgrade will happen in the future it is wise to ensure that new trees do not get in the way.

The first page of the consultation response form just allows multiple choice responses, but one can also email TfL at

Do we support these plans because they don't involve much money and might do a little bit of good? Or do we oppose them because they are not up to the high Dutch-style standard that London deserves?


  • By bigpete at 4:26pm 17 October 2012

The consultation now allows comments!

MCC have asked for a set of drawings and will discuss our response shortly; meanwhile it is clear that the scheme doesn't do anything for the junctions or the impaired.

Sharing the pavement is a good way of repressing active travel?

Yet there is a contract let for implementation...

The mandatory lanes vanish at junctions...

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