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Transport for London is now getting to grips with its design for the East-West Cycling Superhighway – the ‘Cycling Crossrail’.

In designing the cycle route, TfL aims to

  • Segregate cyclists from other traffic
  • Connect with other cycle routes
  • Improve conditions for pedestrians
  • Improve the public realm.
Victoria Embankment

We understand that TfL is pursuing the concept of a segregated two-way cycle track along the Victoria Embankment, as shown on the cover of the Mayor of London's Vision for Cycling in London. This shows a four-metre two-way cycle track separated from the main carriageway by a three-metre strip. Issues that the engineers are grappling with include:

  • Accommodating parking for 12% of the coaches that come into Central London
  • Finding the best way of running pedestrian crossings over the cycle track

There are a number of options for Consitution Hill:

  • Using the current path along the side of Green Park. This is the least likely option, since it causes conflict with pedestrians at each end and cannot accommodate growing numbers of cyclists.
  • Using the horse ride, which is rarely used by horses: the Horse Guards use the carriageway!
  • Cycle lanes in the carriageway.

The Royal Parks are likely to offer three different routes through Hyde Park:

  • Serpentine Road - West Carriage Drive: the most direct option but not always available because of events on Serpentine Road
  • South Carriage Drive - West Carriage Drive: an alternative to Serpentine Road and useful components of other cycle routes.
  • The Broad Walk - North Carriage Drive: the least attractive option, since it is already nearing capacity.

We look forward to hearing more about TfL's plans for other parts of the route – not least Parliament Square and Lancaster Gate.

The timetable for completing the route is as follows:

2014: Public consultation;

2015: Construction;

2016: Launch of route.

Cycling Crossrail map
A map of the new route

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I don't consider this to be a cycling cross rail route for east west.

Lets call it an almost east west route. There is one london borough to the east of Barking. When are Tfl going to get a real grip of the needs of outer london boroughs.

I know it all seems to be happening in central London but its nice to feel wanted and this route certainly doesn't do that for me as I live in Havering.

Havering had to fight hard and long to be included in the east west rail route it looks like we have to do it again for the cycle route.

This post was edited by raymondox at 3:39pm 28 November 2013.

Unless I am mistaken there are london boroughs to the east of Barking.


Not in the plural there aren't. There's just the one - Havering.

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