TfL press ahead with Lambeth Bridge northern roundabout works

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Board papers released by Transport for London state that "Following consultation with local stakeholders, representatives from the London boroughs and leading cycling and road safety organisations, work is scheduled to begin at Waterloo roundabout and the northern roundabout at Lambeth Bridge during November."

TfL consulted on the proposals shown above for Lambeth Bridge northern roundabout on 03 to 26 October 2012 as part of its Better Junctions Programme, but attracted criticism from cyclists including London Cycling Campaign’s Westminster group, for encouraging ‘less confident’ cyclists to use shared-use footways and zebra crossings. It was discovered that the regulations for zebra crossings in the UK do not give cyclists priority over motor vehicles, which would place cyclists at fault if they were hit and injured by a motor vehicle on a zebra crossing. The false sense of safety given to cyclists had echoes of the busier Bow Roundabout where two cyclists died on Cycle Superhighway 2.

The Lambeth Bridge northern roundabout was the subject of a street design workshop on 17 October 2012 organised by LCC and led by Dutch infrastructure experts. The results of the workshop were shown at LCC’s Love London Go Dutch conference on 18 October 2012 attended by TfL’s director responsible for walking and cycling, Ben Plowden, and proposed segregated cycling provision around the perimeter of the roundabout, separated from motor vehicles and pedestrians. No-one in LCC’s Westminster group knows whether TfL has taken cyclists’ comments on board, and the work starting at Lambeth Bridge northern roundabout will be watched closely.

The TfL board papers also reveal "a number of possible options that could be incorporated into the Capital’s road network in the future. These include single lane “continental” roundabouts and low level traffic signals, which would be designed to be at the eye height of riders at junctions. Discussions also continue with the DfT to push for cycle-specific traffic signals to be trialled in London."

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One wonders how long it takes when TfL are not pressing ahead!

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