TfL Reveals Plans for Vauxhall Bridge Road

Bessorough Gardens
Bessborough Gardens, where a cyclist was killed by a left-turning vehicle

Transport for London is about to consult the public about its proposals for Cycle Superhighway 5, which runs along Vauxhall Bridge Road. This is part of a route running between Victoria and New Cross via Camberwell and Peckham.

The consultation period begins on 3rd December. Because it has not yet started, we cannot tell you the exact web site address, but it is likely to be found via In the unlikely event that this is not the case, we will put the address on the local group site at

We understand that there will also be a public exhibition at Parnell House, Wilton Road on 12th December.

Things to consider in reviewing these proposals:

  • How much space has been reallocated from motor vehicles to cyclists?
  • Has the danger of collision between left-turning vehicles and cyclists going straight ahead been reduced, especially at the junctions of Vauxhall Bridge with Grosvenor Road and of Bessborough Gardens with Drummond Gate?
  • How easy is it to turn right off the route after entering Westminster?
  • Is there an improvement at Vauxhall, where cyclists in either direction currently have to go round two sides of a triangle in fast-moving traffic?

We understand that construction of the route is currently planned to start in May 2013, with completion in October.

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The plans are now available on line at

The consultation period runs till 11th January.

Great article, Colin.

I have printed out the plans for section in City of Westminster - some very interesting stuff including the 'cyclist early start facility' at the Millbank junction where, unlike Bow Roundabout, there will be many cyclists turning left and right, and not just going straight ahead.

I will bring the plans along to our Westminster Cycling Campaign meeting on Monday 10 December 2012 - meeting details and agenda here.

  • By AsharSeo at 10:28am 16 February 2015

The loss of the traffic lane would then allow a compact roundabout to be provided which would operate more slowly, but more predictably for all.


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