TfL will not take retrospective action over illegal parking on Red Route at Elephant and Castle Roundabout

See Youtube video:

As the video shows, despite the G4S van parked on the Elephant and Castle Roundabout, no cyclists were killed. I emailed this video to TfL about 2 hours after the incident and then sent regular reminders. No response came until I put the video on Youtube and emailed Andrew Gilligan last weekend. TfL then replied ‘I can confirm that G4S has no dispensation to park, and make collections at this location. It is clear from your footage that the van is causing an obstruction to all drivers, and is of particular concern to cyclists. Unfortunately we can not enforce retrospectively’. Does this mean (1) TfL can enforce PROSPECTIVELY? - in which case they should do it (2) TfL does not enforce Red Route restrictions?

I replied that if TfL have the power to take enforcement action, as the police say they do, and no action is taken, then if a parked vehicle causes a future cycling accident:  (1) relatives of the injured party will find the video on Youtube (2) the press will investigate why no action was taken regarding the previous incident (3) Sir Peter Hendy and the minions involved will have to resign. So my requests to LCC members are (1) if you hear of a cycling  accident here, please give the victim’s relatives details of this video (2) if you see a vehicle parked illegally at the Elephant and Castle Roundabout, please contact TfL immediately by mobile phone.


  • By phufbl at 3:21pm 24 March 2014

What they say "we can't take enforcement action retrospectively"

What they mean "we don't care and can't be bothered"

Tom.. thanks for sharing and following up.. a job well done from beginning to finish.. 

Shocking - the issue of enforcement is a complete mess. TfL and the boroughs have devolved powers away from the police at random and then they don't enforce anything. Given TfL are putting an employee on Roadsafe couldn't they work with the existing Met system which most certainly will take action on footage (in fact it may be worth sending ti to them).

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