"The Grid" - No change in Earl's Court? Warwick Road and Earl's Court Road

The draft proposals for The Grid seem to show no meaningful change in Earl's Court. Kensington High Street attracts attention, but what about the streets further south? Warwick Road and Earl's Court Road must be currently the most unsafe roads in the area after Cromwell Road, but they are the only routes northbound/southbound for traffic in this area, including bicycles.

This is a shortcoming because the redevelopment of the Earl's Court Exhibition Centre relies on cycle journies being made by the new residents - this will not happen unless Warwick Road and Earl's Court Road are made safe for cycling.

Additionally the current 'counterflow' introduced in Earl's Court for cyclists directs cyclists onto these two main road. Eardley Crescent bicycle "lane" demands that cyclists then turn north onto Warwick Road, before turning off into Nevern Square. This must be an 'encouraged' cycle route, as there is cycle access through Nevern Square to cross Cromwell Road and carry on north to Kensington High Street. This is a very unsafe spot, as Warwick Road turns just before the Eardley Crescent junction from two lanes into three lanes, encouraging greater vehicle speed and unsafe overtaking. There is a bicycle lane in Philbeach Gardens. Clearly, the existence of bicycle lanes indicates that cyclists are expected to risk the danger of Warwick Road. By any measure, in terms of traffic volume or vehicle speed, Warwick Road presents a high risk to cyclists.

While east/west routes in the Borough are made slightly safer by the 'counterflow' system, the problems have not been addressed at all.

Is anyone aware of any campaigns for this area by the LCC? I haven't found any so far. The roads are currently unsafe for cyclists, but cyclists are directed onto these by the current layout. I haven't found any meaningful campaigns represented anywhere online to suggest this part of the Borough attracts any attention.

As a postscript, local residents in SW5 oppose the current one-way system, as expressed consistently in feedback to the redevelopment project for the exhibition centrea, and would apparently overwhelmingly prefer both Warwick Road and Earl's Court road to return to 2 way function. However, there is no organised campaign to present this to TFL.


Does noone in LCC live in this area?

  • By ahunter at 4:11pm 13 April 2015


I agree, this is a real problem. Every day I need to cross the Cromwell Rd from cycling up Eardley Crescent. Motorists on Warwick Road create a highly unsafe environment by travelling too fast and not leaving adequate room when overtaking. To minimise my time on this stretch, I take the following route:


·         Eardley Crescent

·         Warwick Road

·         Trebovir Road

·         Nevern Square (east side)

·         Nevern Road


Unfortunately this means travelling the wrong way down numerous one ways. I would love to find a way of putting pressure on H&F to make it safer. As a start it amazes me that you cant legally cycle north up Nevern Rd to cross the Cromwell Rd safely at the cycle crossing! Something has to be done.

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