The next squashed cyclist ?

Because I could see that the traffic lights were likely to change, I stopeed behind a large BT van which was indicating left but had left plenty of space between himself & the kerb so cyclists could have reached the advanced stop zone if they had arrived early.

To my amazement, just as the lights turned amber, another female cyclist, whizzed past up the inside of the van - and went straight on !  The van driver was setting off but was obviously aware of her (and her crass stupidity) and she got through safely.  She may not be so lucky next time !

And if I'd had to give evidence - it would have been on behalf of the van driver.


  • By Stily1 at 2:01pm 23 November 2011

Everyone makes honest mistakes once in a while, but this does sound like someone who's going to learn a painful lesson some day soon.

Probably the van should not have left that gap (I was taught in my motorcycle training to always close that gap to clear up just this possibility), cycles would still have access to the bicycle box by going around the other side.

In fact, vehicles turning without first closing that gap are a significant hazard; not only are they allowed to enter the bicycle lane to make that turn, they're expected to, and if they can't get over safely because there are cycles there, then they've left it too late and shouldn't be making the turn at all! They should NEVER effectively turn across that cycle lane.

I see that happening all the time. A few weeks ago one woman on a Boris bike had the cheek to ask me to move over so she could slip up the gap I thought was dangerous!

  • By Stily1 at 11:07am 28 November 2011

Groan! Now that I think about it, I remember seeing a scooter get punted onto his ars onto the footpath by a bus.....but then, he was trying to pass up the curb-side of a turning bus. Hello?  Should never have been there.


  • By smsm1 at 11:37pm 11 December 2011

Closing the gap can be difficult for larger vehicles that need to take a wider turn.

How can we teach cyclists to not go dangerously up the inside of vehicles?

I think we all need to accept that no road user has a right to be ahead of any other road user - only go past other road users when it is safe to do so - not just because you think you can - and that applies to cyclists, motorbikes & scooters, cars, vans , trucks etc.

I have another contender ! - the woman (again!) riding the wrong way around Cavendish Square in the run off lane for the car park/  John Lewis side yesterday DID just manage to find enough room to pass a taxi travelling in the correct direction - and then wobbled off again in the centre of the lane  ................

sorry if I seem to be anti my own gender - I'm not - I just wish people would get training if they don't already have "road sense" from driving lessons.

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