The Times- Listen, dimwits: blaming cyclists doesn’t help by Hugo Rifkind- Columnsits and comments

Get your thoughts out on this, I have :


As a Cyclist...Let me stop there.. I have immediately labelled myself. There is a perception of cyclists as being fierce, arrogant, neon-clad, mountain bike using pricks ! I am neither of these things. 


I LIKE cycling, I am careful and respectful on the road and I usually tend to take 'quieter routes'. I should be able to get from A to B safely. - Although I now live in Stratford and the only route to get from mine into town is one of the most treacherous passing that horrendous BOW ROUNDABOUT that killed two cyclists (and nearly me) in three months last year. I have given my support to the LCC (London Cycling Campaign) and raised the alarm to The Mayor Boris Johnson. Plans are now being reviewed to improve the Junction.-


There are instances when vans and trucks have zoomed pass me, missing my handle bars by 5cm ! They see me as a fragile young lady and as that 'small irritation' Nigel Toye describes in his comment above. This annoys me and brings out my animal side. If I get to meet them at the traffic light I'll stare at them with immense hatred or sometimes swear expletives at them !


Bow my be your direct route but its not the only route into town. The canals make a quiet alternative.

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