Tipping a Bike Mechanic

  • By tbl on at 11:27am 26 April 2012
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I popped in to a cycle shop in Chiswick today.

I had my bike nudged by a car last week, which bent the back wheel, now straightened, and re-positioned my back brakes.

After 45 mins of trying to fix them the brakes seemed beyond repair to me. However I took them to the bike a shop, the mechanic came out and fixed it within about 2 minutes.

Should I have tipped the bloke? They didn't charge a penny.


Go buy something from them, that;s why they didn;t charge you. It's just good customer service.

Agreed - pick up a couple of spare tubes, gels, etc

My son's a bike mechanic at Balfe's Bikes in Kennington. They do numerous small repairs which they don't charge for. People often leave a small tip. Seems fair enough to me...

  • By tbl at 10:45am 30 April 2012

Thanks all.

I often buy from this particular shop and bought something on that day too.

Feel better now.

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