Tooley Street SE1 - new roadworks 14 November 2011

New roadworks have gone up in Tooley Street, making the Western End of Tooley Street a one way, single file traffic corridor.  Cyclists are jammed between inflexible metal hoardings and the vehicle traffic going westbound.  Add in busses and large lorries, and its a very dangerous piece of road works.  

Whilst a cycle lane has been left open on the Eastbound, it is only fenced on one side, meaning that pedestrians think (understandably) that it is part of the pavement.  In addition the traffic lights and pedestrian crossings are ignored.

Be careful, I sadly suspect it won't be long before someone is hurt in the space between the inflexible metal hoardings and the frustrated and large motor vehicle traffic.


  • By Austen at 2:03pm 16 November 2011

Ironic that this is happening on a TfL red route leading up to City Hall. 

Here's an extract from the same organisation's Cycle Safety Action Plan

The Mayor has called for a revolution to occur in the way we travel around London and for it to be of the cleanest and greenest kind. That is why his team in City Hall, TfL and a myriad of organisations are working so hard to deliver plans that will enable London to become the biggest and best cycling city in the world.

This is no mean challenge but, as well as an unprecedented investment in the delivery of innovative cycling schemes like cycle hire and cycle superhighways, we must make sure that every person who gets on a bicycle feels and most importantly is as safe as possible.

Safety is right at the forefront of our revolution and the Mayor‟s Cycle Safety Action Plan sits at the heart of everything we are doing. It has a clear aim of identifying the challenges to improving cycle safety, analysing how best they can be addressed and describing the actions that will be carried out to improve cyclists‟ safety.

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