Top 40 issues list issued to Kingston Council

Kingston Cycling Campaign has provided a prioritised list of 40 issues and potential schemes to Kingston Council. Some of the problems we have identified are on roads managed by TfL, so we'll be sharing the list with them and looking for a response from them too.

Happily, Kingston Council was keen to know what we are concerned about so that this can inform their bid for funding. Therefore we're really hopeful the problems we've identified can be solved in the not too distant future.

The top 10 issues are listed below.

1. Ace of Spades roundabout (TfL) - improved A3 crossing

2. Review safety of cyclists at mini-roundabouts

3. A243 Hook Road/ Leatherhead Road (TfL) - provide off-carriageway cycling

4. Fountain roundabout New Malden - improvements for cyclists

5. Skerne Road/ Down Hall Road - complete the cycle route

6. A2043 Kingston Road - correct road markings on the approach to the Fountain roundabout

7. Fairfield (park) - Provide cycle path beside pedestrian path

8. Clarence Street near Thames Street - more cycle stands near TK Maxx

9. A240 Kingston Road by Tolworth Station - connect existing off-road tracks to Tolworth Broadway

10. A307 Portsmouth Road - make cycle lane continuous


There is a junction where a cyclist will soon be injured or killed if the priorities for bikes and cars are not made clearer – I’ve seen several near misses:


It’s the junction of Wood Street with Steadfast Road. Cyclists heading from Wood Street to Skerne Road are in serious danger of being hit by cars heading from Wood Street into Steadfast Road (for the car parks).


Additionally it would be good to see cycle lanes separated from the road along stretches of Richmond Road and Tudor Drive where there is space.

Thanks for your feedback Jonathan. The junction you mention is controlled with signals - so in theory if everyone obeys the lights there shouldn't be a problem. I'm wondering if you're describing the problem that cars queue across the pedestrian crossing, and so are advancing from the crossing at the same time as cyclists get a green light. The council have a scheme planned to improve this junction and I believe that work will start on 1st February for 4 weeks. You can see the design here

Since with this scheme cyclists and pedestrians will be crossing together this may at least partially address your concern (but it may result in more cyclist-pedestrian conflict). It may not actually reduce conflict between cyclists heading north and cars heading westbound into the carparks. It may be necessary to ask for some 'Keep Clear' markings to address the queuing but that may not work either.

Your idea of providing off-carriageway cycle paths on Richmond Road and Tudor Drive is interesting. There is of course already a short section by the Hawker estate on Richmond Road. I wonder whether the frontagers and councillors would back creation of cycle tracks, particularly as it would mean using the grass verges. Would a 20 mph speed limit on Tudor Drive be more acceptable and have a better chance of implementation? It's the age-old debate of whether it's better that cyclists be provided for on the carriageway or off of it.

The on-road cycle lane on Richmond Road north of Durlston Road seems to be appreciated by cyclists because of the extra hatch marking between the traffic and the cycle lane.


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Hello Jon

Thank you for your very helpful reply.

Yes, there is often a problem because cars queue across the crossing. 

If I remember correctly, it's really not clear to cyclists heading north that the lights for crossing Wood Street would also appear to apply to the Steadfast Road crossing. The road marking is also poor and would benefit from a clear Box Junction. Great to hear about the improvement scheme.

Given the option, I'm sure that cyclists on Richmond Road would prefer a separate cycle path - as I'm sure would pedestrians because it would mean less cyclists riding on the pavement. I wouldn't blame any parent for telling their child to cycle on the footpath and not on the road.
A cyclist riding on Richmond Road was killed a few years ago in collision with a motor bike near the North Kingston Centre. Had there been separate cycle paths this probably wouldn't have happened. Cost is often given as a reason for not installing cycle paths - but what is the financial cost of a fatal accident and what of the terrible heartache and pain for the family and friends of the deceased. 

Well done to Kingston Cycling Campaign and LCC for all the good work and here's hoping for more campaigns of this type and for more replies to the posting.


Hello Jonathan. I think the fatal collision you're referring to resulted in the death of a Tiffin School girl Ekta Patel, who was crossing the road to catch a bus. Consequently the council installed a new pelican crossing near Fernhill Gardens and speed cameras were installed.  I believe that the motorcyclist was jailed.

2001 newspaper report:

I believe there haven't been any cyclist deaths on the Richmond Road in the last 30 years.  

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The cycle lanes in 'Royal Park Gate' (former British Aerospace site) could do with some improvements:

1) The lane markings have almost worn off and should be renewed.

2) Where the cycle lane crosses Northweald Lane, growth of shrubs has led to a blind corner where there's likely to be a collision between a cyclist and pedestrian. The shrubs need to be cut back by the Council or relevant house owner.

3) At the end of Horsley Drive there needs to be a drop kerb to allow cyclists to join the cycle path from the road. With the current arrangement cyclists inevitably ride on the footpath to access the cycle path - there is a blind corner so a collision between a cyclist and pedestrian is likely if this is not done.

Hi Jonathan

I'm aware of the tragic death of Ekta Patel who was crossing Richmond Road on foot. However, the fatality I'm referring to was a cyclist who was hit by a motor bike closer to the North Kingston Centre than where Ekta was knocked down. It happened a few years before I believe and until recently floral tributes were left annually on a tree just near the exit from the North Kingston Centre. 

footpath to access the cycle path - there is a blind corner so a collision between a cyclist and pedestrian is likely if this is not done. Sameday dry cleaning

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