Tottenham Gyratory gyrations

Nothing much good has happened since the ridiculously narrow bike paths were drawn on the footpaths at Tottenhams ex-gyratory. 

Obstructive bollards are being put in the middle of the pavement, to give us something else to dodge in Dodge city! The latest is kerbs (still) being laid, flush, with drains, along the middle of the pavement between cnr park view road and the petrol station.

Might be beginnings of some cyclepath & to stop rainwater running into peoples houses from cambered pavement..ongoing.

Oh, temporary barriers still in place along the edge of the pavement outside the retail park, presumably to stop pedestrians crossing the now 20mph road where they want, and not where the crossing has been placed. Mmm, 'desire lines'! Trouble is they take up more of the already narrow bikepath.

Does anyone know what's going on?

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Hi Mikey, 


Please contact our local borough group 

They're also concerned with what is going on at the moment. 

Hi Mikey, 

According to our local group Haringey Cyclists, you could send your queries to: Well at :

Stakeholder Engagement

The Stakeholder Engagement team looks after our relationships with a wide range of stakeholders including business, passenger representatives, statutory watchdogs, consumer groups, think tanks, the community and voluntary sector including accessibility, older people and youth, as well as transport campaigning organisations.

Contact the team: ".

So sounds like the right contact for organizations like LCC, rather than individual members of the public seeking info.

Looking at "TottenhamHaleScheme"

Has a defective "Cycle Network Plan" pdf file that gives "error file won't open" message. Maybe it's been altered, again!

They do say they have put in "two Toucan crossings" and "extra cycle parking" here & there. So 'all done, you can pack up lads'.

To get useful answers from an 'organization' like TfL one would need to knock, loudly, and that's best done by an organization like, well..say.., LCC for one.

'In other news..', all Tottenham is called a "War Zone".

Tottenham Life 19 Jul 14

The meeting started with several people expressing their anger at the ‘war zone’ comment made by a Haringey Council senior officer."

No mention of any cycle provision, although TfL plan to improve pavements up the High Road from Gyratory to Bruce Grove.

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Hi Mikey, 

We strongly suggest you get involved with your local LCC group, Haringey Cyclists as they lobby to changes locally. They also meet with TfL representatives and meet with Haringey Council at least every 3 months for updates. They recently rode the proposed CS1 route with TfL representatives, and Andrew Gilligan, so if you have views on the area, best to contact them directly and get involved!



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