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We all know the risks cyclists face when leaving traffic light junctions at the same time as all of the cars, vans, bikes and HGV's and there has to be a solution. The issue of cyclists jumping red lights is partly a result in the feeling of safety that it is safer to jump the lights early than wait and take your chances with the rest of the traffic racing off as the light turn green. I have always wanted to know why the government/mayor will not go down the line of re-programing the traffic lights. 

If the lights could be set to flash red or hold a solid orange for 5 - 7 seconds before changing to green and cyclists where given this time to enter the junction without all of the other motorists I am sure we would see both a reduction in the tragic accidents we are all becoming used to hearing about and the amount of cyclist jumping lights illegally, thus also reducing the disgruntled complaint from other motorists/pedestrians.

Hopefully London can come up with more solutions to ensure that we can all use the roads safely and securely.


Safe riding all.


Where do you get the 5 to 7 seconds from?

Do you reduce the length of time that traffic lights are on green or do you lengthen the time that other traffic is held on red? If drivers know that they will be held for longer at a red light will they be more likely to race up to and through lights on amber?

Another problem with a longer red phase would be the backed up traffic affecting the previous junction leading to possible gridlock.

As an alternative how about a flashing amber "cycle" during the pedestrian crossing phase to allow cyclists to proceed with caution (ie. giving way to pedestrians). This would afford cyclists a safe window to proceed whilst minimising delays to other traffic.

A better solution for everybody, is for people to not be so dependant on cars like it is in the Netherlands. Then lights prioritising cyclists would work very well. That is exactly what LCC's compaign is about.

Those that claim they need their cars for work are often using that as an excuse. It has been proven that half the journies made by car are nothing to do with one's justification for having one.

Cars should be the minority and bikes should be the majority in built up areas. We are choking to death because of our unwillingness to admit we're wrong... Darwin was right!

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