Trek 7.3 FX red stolen



my bike just got stolen today from the 'secure' bike parking at Imperial College in South Kensington. Any tips on where to look apart from gumtree and eBay appreciated...!!

The bike has a black pannier rack now.


  • By Knut at 11:29am 19 July 2013

Got it back, the scumbags put it on gumtree hours later and I just went and picked it up...

  • By luic at 1:22am 27 November 2013

Well done, but you "just went and picked it up"? I would like to know the details of the retrieving. Did the guys just agreed to give back, just like that? And how about the police. Didn't you contact them not even to go with you? You would take the bike and they would take the thieves....


I am guessing he just bought it off them. Probably easier as unless you have the receipt with the frame number on it there's no proof that it's yours in the first place. Police would probably laugh in your face if you called them up and asked them to set up a sting operation. They can't be assed with bike theft. Same with phone theft. 

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