TREK XO1 2011, black, £200 AWARD, WTU152SZ0279F

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There is award of £200 for help me to find my bike. So please, if you have any information, which will help me to get my bike back please contact me.

Orginal tyries have been changed to Shwalbe Marathon Plus 700x32. There were almost new. 

I put also self-sealing tubes.

The bike was bough through Evans Cycles, so it should still have their logo, if not removed. 

One of the velve cover was green. 

There were few scratches on the main frame on the TREK sign.

The orginal back red light has been removed and replaced with proper, flashing.

Orginal bell has been also removed (it was not very responsive) and replaced with new one, which was attached with a blue wire (my own idea), so it looked a little bit strange. However all those items could have been changed and also replaced by new owner.

Computer was installed in the middle of handlebar, but it did not have a small sensor on the wheel (I still have got it - that is what I have left.......after him)

Please help.

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  • By Ela100 at 8:01pm 17 September 2011

Hi, In you have any information which will lead me to  my beloved bike please contact me on: 07771993782 or email:

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