Truck Troubles

The article in the last issue of London Cyclist on truck design was interesting and ambitious which is what LCC needs to be, but such a futuristic solution is a long way off and a few drawbacks have already been pointed out. However in the meantime would it not be possible for trucks to have a lower panel in the passenger side door cut out and replaced with glass, that way the driver could see cyclists drawing up alongside and into their blind spot? Just an idea!


"that way the driver could see cyclists drawing up alongside and into their blind spot"

There's a much simpler solution to that problem. It involves not drawing up down the nearside of a lorry. Let's avoid overcomplicating things, shall we.

Yep - I agree - lorries are dangerous - don't go up on their inside seems logical to me - my heart goes into my mouth about once a commute when I see some idiot careering up inside a moving HGV.


Use some common sense peeps.

Yes of course cyclists should not go up the side of trucks, buses etc but hundreds of thousands of people cycle in London every day and more and more people hop on Boris Bikes with no experience of cycling in London at all. ( I saw a guy attempting to go round Algate the wrong way on a Boris Bike!)

The point I am making is that every day large numbers of cyclists will do the wrong thing and we should do everything we can avert accidents.


I saw a dumper truck in central London recently that when the driver turned on the indicator to turn left a loud message was repeated over and over 'ATTENTION THIS VEHICLE IS TURNING LEFT' I thought that is brilliant no cyclist could fail to heed that warning. We need more of this and all the other measures too: sensors, special mirrors etc.

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