Two-way Archway - sign the petition are a campaign group dedicated to the redesign of the Archway Gyratory. This is a deisgn which has been planned for years by Islington/Haringey bouroughs, but has never made it past planning. Please sign the petition to turn Archway back into a cycle-and-pedestrian-friendly town center. 

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  • By ALOU at 2:13pm 9 March 2016

Hard to reply when webpage about Archway Roundabout is no longer available.

I am hoping a soft approach will prevail, allowing for trees and grass, market and cafes across this horrid junction. with bikes, pedestrians, mothers and fathers with kids taking precedence... plenty of bike-lock planters, green helping to knock out the dreadful atmosphere, in every way. There is a scheme in perfection operating smoothly and peacefully, increasing flow with NO TRAFFIC LIGHTS. Using cobbles, in definite patterns, no raised curb stones, no zebra crossings! Just plenty of green, seating, trees, cafe, market, hall and community shops all opened up, where before traffic blocked... and polluted.


Will you share your plans with us? 


LCC may well have records of this scheme I mention, in case I cannot rediscover this brilliant design. It's at a very busy junction, just edging out of London.

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