Upcoming meeting, Wednesday 1/6/11 7:30pm

Dear all,

a reminder that our next meeting is this Wednesday, 1st June, at 7:30pm
at the Marcon Court and Aspland Estates Community Hall, just off Amhurst
Road. Look for the standalone building near the junction with Marcon Place.

Minutes of the last meeting can be found here:



The draft agenda is as follows:

1. Events

Bike Week--volunteers for stalls/rides at:

• Goldsmith's Row / City Farm Bike Day (18th June)
• Cyclists' breakfast in London Fields (22nd June)
• Bike Polo try-out week-end on Hackney Downs (18th and 19th June)

Outside Bike Week--volunteers for stalls/rides at

• Tour de Dalston / Cycle Sunday (12th June)
• London Open Bike Polo Tournament (30th/31st July)

2. Rides

3. Schemes

• Wilson Street / Paul Street / Worship Street
• Goldsmith's Row phase 2
• Lea Bridge Road crossing plans (& canalside repairs)
• Upcoming LIP meeting with Hackney Streetscene officers
• Lee towpath surface: A hazardous new gravelly surface has
apparently been laid by British Waterways.

4. Adoption of revised constitution

5. Proposed name change of LCC

6. Any other business


Please send me any additional items for the agenda that you would like
to see included.

Hope to see you there!


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