Upton Park/West Ham/Newham area junctions - lack of Junction protection Terrace Road/Harold Road/Dacre Road/etc

Anyone else unhappy about the protection afforded to cyclist using the above streets?


this past Friday 27/4/12 at about 8:40am I was involved in a potentially serious vehicle collision whilst cycling through Newham Borough. 


The oncoming vehicle was turning right into Terrace Rd from Dacre Rd.  Due to a complete absence of junction projection and a large van parked right on the corner the vehicle was unable to see me until it was too late.  My journey took me over the top of the vehicle despite taking a road position to maximize visibility - i was in the right lane, heading west  


You will be pleased to hear (as will the boss of Adisson Lee) that I am bruised but not broken and crucially might not be writing to you now "except [for] a padded plastic hat".   




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