walking with a bike a security risk?

On Monday I was cycling across London and was told that I couldn't walk with my bike across Green Park as it was a security risk.... since when is a bicycle a security risk?! There were people walking everywhere, including people with buggies but for some reason a bike was out of the question!


Paul Smith 506TP - clearly an officer wthat misuses his authority!

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Will this mean that all of these are also security risks and will be banned? Walking while texting Jogging while listening to music Prams Smoking cigarettes Frisbees Footballs Champagne bottles (you could blind a passer-by if the cork flies into their eye by accident)

My recollection is that LCC have taken Jubilee/Olympics up withTfL/HRP and so forth. I habve not heard that we have had a reply yet.

I was turned away into the maelstrom around Victoria by some poor soul, but I was offered the option to walk my bike.

(I didn't have the time or energy to challenge or push my case under the Disability Diascrimination Act that my bike was a Class 1 appliance)

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