Wanted - Small Frame Hybrid

My eldest son has outgrown his current bike so we're looking for a small size (50-52cm) hybrid suitable for riding around East London - good enough to be safe but not so attractive to worry about where he locks it.


Did you find a bike for him?  I'm 5'7 and have a bike which feels a bit "big". The saddle goes down quite far and I've got long legs anyway - it's just the reach forward that feels long to me. 

It has a 50cm seat post and a 50cm top tube.  (With the saddle up high there's 87cm from top of saddle to pedal at the moment).  With the saddle up that high it's 65cm from top of seatpost to handlebars.   It was a lovely black and white Saracen Tour but is scratched now.  The handlebar tape has almost worn through so whether he replaced it depends on whether he wants people to notice/like it or not.  

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