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Just browsing the new LCC website in advance of our small working group on WCC's online presence tonight. Our website is long out of date due to the lack of a volunteer to update it, and we don't have a facebook page, twitter account and while we have been toying with a blog, it's not often updated.

Hopefully it will be a useful meeting and you'll start to hear more from and be able to communicate with WCC online shortly! This forum could be very useful, so we'll see how things develop.


  • By Irena at 1:12pm 10 June 2011
Was at working group. Very inspirational. It won't be long before we have sorted out our online act, and hopefully will soon get loads of inspired new input from keen WCC members. Especially on this nice new LCC forum.
  • By Bryony at 4:28pm 10 June 2011

Shiny, isn't it? Just been checking the advanced posting, and you can add a map (I've noted roughly where we met last night!) and also add pictures and attachments, so this will be ideal for sharing information with other Wandsworth cyclists.

  • By ebo at 10:20am 11 June 2011
I was there too! I have posted in the website comments section seeking reinstatement of the old LCC site newsfeeds, and requested borough-based newsfeeds too...
  • By Irena at 7:39pm 6 July 2011

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  • By Irena at 7:39pm 6 July 2011

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