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On Thursday 21 February 2013 West Harrow ward will vote for a vacant seat in a by-election. Under the guidance of Harrow Cyclists local residents want the new councillor to make simple improvements for people wishing to cycle in the ward.

You can find details of the candidates here and we ask you to remind them to support our simple cost effective proposals.

Harrow experiences severe congestion, pollution and parking problems because it is difficult and unpleasant to walk or cycle on Harrow's streets, so people make short journeys by car while the rate of cycling is among the lowest in London. We think that elected councillors for West Harrow should commit to two projects which aim to benefit everyone in West Harrow Ward

1. Connect the North Harrow and Rayners Lane cycle paths.

There are two cycle tracks on the edge of West Harrow Ward, one in North Harrow along Pinner Road and one in Rayners Lane along Alexandra Avenue, but they are disconnected and therefore not much use. They are separated by a 1200m stretch of main road (Imperial Drive) where people on bikes have to mix with fast motor traffic. This road is unpleasant and dangerous to cycle on, particularly for children.


However, Imperial Drive has wide verges on either side and there is space to complete the segregated cycle path without reducing motor traffic capacity as suggested in this mock up.

It would make it possible for people in West and North Harrow to cycle safely to the tube stations and the local high streets. It will enable people to use a healthier, less polluting mode of transport and will improve high street trade without causing parking problems.

2. Reduce rat-running and make the West Harrow residential area a 20mph zone.

Many of the roads in West Harrow are narrow residential streets but have a 30mph speed limit (apart from small 20mph zones around schools). Some streets, such as Vaughan Road, experience fast heavy motor traffic. This is dangerous and deters people from walking or cycling.

Through motor traffic should use the main roads rather than minor residential streets. We would like a 20mph speed limit on all non-trunk roads in this area and measures to reduce rat-running while maintaining vehicle access to properties, as has been achieved in other London boroughs such as Hackney, Camden and Islington. We feel most residnets would want their streets to be safer and more pleasant for all residents, and 20mph zones have been shown to reduce traffic casualties.

Remember to ask the candidates to support our simple cost effective proposals.


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We contacted the Labour, Conservative, Liberal and Green candidates. So far we have only received a response from the Labour candidate, Christine Robertson, who said:

Thank you for your email, letting me know of your concerns about cycling paths in the ward. We have passed your comments to the relevant Labour Councillor who will be in touch.

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