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In a recent survey by the London Cycling Campaign, an overwhelming majority of Westminster cyclists chose protected Space for cycling (on main roads and junctions) as their top priority in the 2014 council elections.

The LCC recently sent its Space for Cycling survey to members and supporters across London and was shared with other non-members through other channels, such as social media. They collected approximately 4400 responses. The comments on the survey were (all bar a few) very positive and people responded well to the elections campaign and the form that it will take.

The LCC asked respondents to list their top three priority themes that they felt was needed in their ‘area’ (i.e. where they live, where they work or where they cycle):

  • Protected Space for Cycling (on main roads and junctions)
  • Safe Routes to Schools
  • Areas Without Through Motor Traffic
  • 20 mph
  • Greenways
  • Liveable town centres

49 of the 68 respondents chose Protected Space as their first choice and 10 as their second choice. The second most popular first choice was 20mph (10 respondents). The most popular second choice was Greenways (22 respondents).

Parliament Square
Cyclists badly need protection in places like Parliament Square.

This information will help the Westminster LCC group decide on the specific ‘campaign ask’ for each ward in the city ahead of the Local Elections (Space for Cycling) campaign in 2014. There will be a meeting on 10th February to address this. Further details »

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  • By Dave H at 6:51am 1 January 2014

Rather questionable move by cyclist going in between the 32T skip wagon and the bus, and with the lights showing green for these vehicles to move forward, and just one 'normal' person simply riding a bike of the 5 in the picture.  

Do you mean the person in the dark jacket? Why should that be any more normal than wearing a coloured jacket?

Caption for picture above should read Cyclists badly need protection from themselves in places like Parliament Square

ALL these cyclists should be waiting BEHIND the skip wagon, unless there is sufficient time/space to get to the cycle only area in front, which in the picture there clearly is not. 

How imbecilic can you get? I am sorry but if the chap between the bus and skip gets squished I have no sympathy.

I am all for more/safer biking (bike commuter 3+ years) but there's no road safety measure in existence which will protect people from themselves. 


This post was edited by tomolondon at 11:41am 2 January 2014.

One or two of the cyclists in the picture may be in an ill-advised position. But, this couldn't happen if there were a dedicated cycle track.

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