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We were pleased to hear that Westminster has been granted funding for a cycle scheme at Kensington Gardens' Black Lion Gate.

Black Lion Gate

We reported last November that, although the Broad Walk in Kensington Gardens had proved popular with cyclists young and old, the connections with the road network outside remained poor. (See previous posting.)

Westminster has now been granted £110K to convert to a toucan the existing pedestrian crossing of Bayswater Road outside Black Lion Gate, at the north end of the Broad Walk. As part of the same scheme, a cycle track will be created along the north footway of Bayswater Road leading up to the crossing, to allow eastbound cyclists to turn right into the park. It is a fortunate coincidence that the footway was widened here at some time in the past and that a large tree is growing behind the path of the new cycle track, and not on it.

The Royal Parks have also been granted £12K to design a new arrangement at the entrance to the park, with a view to reducing congestion and conflict between pedestrians and cyclists.

This scheme is funded by Transport for London as part of the London Greenways project.

See the scheme for yourself at http://www.westminstercyclists.org.uk/BlackLion.pdf.

We understand that Palace Gate, at the south end of the Broad Walk, is to be considered later this year as part of the design for a Cycle Superhighway that goes past the park.

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Excellent news.

Who has awarded this funding to Westminster City Council and to the Royal Parks?

I was looking on the Internet for the relevant press releases but didn't find any.

> Who has awarded this funding to Westminster City Council

> and to the Royal Parks?

This is part of the London Greenways project. I have updated the original posting to show the amounts involved.

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