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Westminster has published a draft traffic management order for two cycle contraflows.

The proposed order has been prepared as part of the Piccadilly two-way project. This project's proposals for Haymarket and Lower Regent Street attracted a lot of criticism from cyclists on the grounds that they did little to assist cyclists. A number of measures were then agreed for neighbouring streets to provide alternative routes.

The two streets where contraflow cycling is proposed are:

  1. Panton Street, currently one-way from NE to SW. A contraflow cycle lane is proposed from Haymarket to Whitcomb Street.
  2. Jermyn Street, currently one-way from SW to NE between Lower Regent Street and Haymarket. A contraflow cycle lane is proposed from NE to SW.

The affected streets are shown in blue.

See the proposals for yourself »

Consultation on these proposals continues till 8th November.

We are expecting Westminster to publish further orders to cover other measures agreed as part of this scheme, namely:

  • Allowing cyclists to use the bus lane from Shaftesbury Avenue to Piccadilly
  • Two-way cycling in Whitcomb Street

And there are plenty more one-way streets that could be made two-way for cycling!


  • By radii8 at 12:20am 9 January 2014

They need to make Great Titchfield Street contraflow all the way up / down because it is already being used as contraflow by many cyclists including boris bikers.  Not making it contraflow is simply promoting more danger as people aren't expecting to see cycles coming down the wrong way.  Either get the police on it, or make it contraflow. Whatever works best!

Yes, Great Titchfield Street is a pain.

Unfortunately it doesn't feature in the Central London Grid. But there is a north-south route along Berners Street and Cleveland Street just to the east. And it's not shown as one-way, so it should be two-way for cyclists. But that doesn't help you if you are starting or finishing your journey in Great Titchfield Street!

  • By Fomina at 7:11pm 6 October 2016

this reminds me of flat belly overnight concept, and i don't even know why :)

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